John Lennon: Live in New York City

This album was recorded August 30, 1972 at Madison Square Garden, but not released until February 10, 1986, and while the first half of the album is very good, the second half does not measure up. Overall, the sound quality is great with a good balance between Lennon's vocals and the backing band of Elephant's Memory, but where the first 6 songs are tight and well-performed the final 4, or 5 if you can't them chanting "Power to the People" with the crowd, sound as if fatigue started to set-in. This is made more unfortunate by the fact that the band believed the second set they played that day (this is the first) was much better, but Yoko Ono, the producer of the album, did not use it. 

The performance was the last live full-set performance from John Lennon and opens with the crowd being led in a chant of "Power to the people" and the band going into a hard-driving rendition of "New York City" then slowing things down with the bluesy "It's So Hard" where the saxophone, played by Stand Bronstein, sounds especially good. "Instant Karma"is also a standout track, but "Cold Turkey" starts a decline where the band started to sound tired and unhinged. 

All of that said the album is worth picking up if you are a Beatles / Lennon fan looking to round out your collection, but would not be at the top of my list to get otherwise.