Movie: A Most Wanted Man

Let's start with what this movie is not as misaligned expectations seem to be the driver for many of the negative reviews of this movie I have seen. A Most Wanted Man is not an action-packed, fast- paced Hollywood blockbuster. Rather, it is a character-driven slow burning story based on a book by John le Carre of the same title.

The story is set in Hamburg, German and centers around a number of intelligence agencies cooperating and competing while trying to decide if a man who has recently arrived in the city is a threat, and if so what to do about it. Philip Seymour Hoffman, in his final role as the lead performer, plays the head of one of those agencies, and turns in a very good performance. The rest of the cast features Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright, Willem Dafoe, and Daniel Bruhl.

The movie itself is slow, and could probably be described as atonal, but the the audience is deprived of knowing things the characters do not, and in many cases know less, which helps to dial up the intensity of the story. Also, it is clear from the interactions between the characters that there is some history between them, and trying to figure out their motivations was a big part of what I enjoyed about the film.

All in all the story was interesting, the acting was great, and if you are in the mood for a slower movie you need to engage with to really enjoy I recommend giving this a watch. At the time of this writing A Most Wanted Man is currently available on Amazon Prime.